What is Trend Cartographer?

Trend Cartographer is a map displaying the top Twitter trends in each country. Click on a country to find out what people are talking about! Click on each trend in the list to see more information about it. The data on this site is provided as it was received from Twitter, but comes with no guarantees as to the accuracy or recency of the data.

Why do so many countries have no data available?

Twitter only offers data for a select few countries through their API. Sorry if your country isn't available, but feel free to check back later, as Trend Cartographer is always automatically checking for new countries and will update the moment Twitter makes more countries available!

Why do some countries say they haven't been updated for a while?

The Twitter Trends API is rate limited to 15 requests in a 15 minute window per application. Sadly, this means I can only update one country every minute. It might take a while to loop back round to the country you're looking at, therefore data can sometimes become outdated by an hour or so. This may make the data less useful for keeping up to data with the very latest trends in your country, but unless Twitter either increases their rate limits or provides a streaming API for trends my hands are tied.

How long will this site be supported?

Either for as long as I can host it, or until Twitter releases a completely new API that isn't worth the work to migrate to, whichever comes first.

Can I see the code?

I'll probably put the code for the site on GitHub one day. I'll put a link here when I get round to doing it.

Who built this?

My name is Daniel Crossley, I have a habit of making little projects like these, so please feel free to visit my website!